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Rephrase Your Relationship

Dear Friend,

Are you struggling to communicate effectively with your partner? Do you find that minor misunderstandings escalate into conflicts that drain the joy from your relationship?

What if I quickly showed you three short phrases that I teach my therapy clients, that could shift the tone of your conversations and open a whole new level of understanding and closeness?

Picture transforming your most frustrating conversations into opportunities for growth and deeper intimacy. It’s time to break the stale cycle of silence and conflict and start communicating in a way that truly connects.

…a quick, powerful audio course designed to open hearts and transform your connection with your partner. In just seven short episodes–just a few minutes each–you’ll learn powerful communication and mindset strategies that can turn your relationship conflicts into opportunities for deeper understanding and love.

You & Your Partner Will Learn:

  • Techniques to Overcome Communication Barriers: Learn three transformative phrases that shift your typical exchanges from conflict and misunderstanding to constructive dialogue, including…
    • One word to bring a hopeful perspective to difficult conversations.
    • One short phrase (only 4 words!) to show openness and humility.
    • One phrase to clarify assumptions and hold thoughts lightly.
  • Mindset Shifts to Develop Real Empathy: Learn about the mindset shifts that help you really hear and understand your partner, turning every conversation into an opportunity for closeness.
  • A Strategy to Pause Before Overreacting: Implement emotional pauses that help manage conflicts and put you on a track for calmer conversations.

You’ll Also Get:

  • Convenient Access: You’ll get a private podcast feed to listen to the course easily on your favorite podcast app or in any web browser.
  • Course Workbook: When you’re ready to dive deeper, you’ll find practical exercises, a communication assessment, and insightful reflection prompts in the course workbook.
  • Additional Resources: You’ll get tools you’ll need to stay on track, including a course summary cheat sheet and a copy of the PAUSE Protocol, a powerful tool that I give my therapy clients to help them ease the tension of difficult conversations.
  • Conversations Starters for Couples: Jumpstart easier, more meaningful conversations with this specially curated list of prompts. These conversation starters are designed to break the ice on a variety of topics and rekindle the joy of deep, engaging talks.
  • What to Say When: Ever find yourself at a loss for words during crucial moments? This guide provides you with the right opening sentences to some of the most common issues that come up in couples therapy.

Start Transforming Your Communication Today!

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Helpful Answers to Common Questions

What if I don’t have time for an online course? I need help now!

  • This course is designed for busy couples like you. Each audio episode is just a few minutes long, making it easy to fit into your schedule. You can listen at your convenience in your favorite podcast app, making this course one of the most accessible ways to improve your communication quickly.

Can I really see changes from this course?

  • Absolutely! The techniques and phrases I teach are simple yet powerful and have been proven to transform communication dynamics. We’ll focus on practical skills that you can start using immediately to see real changes in your relationship.

What if my partner isn’t willing to participate?

  • While the course is most effective when both partners participate, the skills and insights you gain can still significantly improve your communication and relationship dynamic. By changing how you approach conversations, you can influence the overall communication pattern between you and your partner.

Is this course suitable for new relationships?

  • Yes, the principles taught in “Rephrase Your Relationship” are valuable for couples at any stage. For those in new relationships, these skills can set a strong foundation for open and honest communication as your relationship grows.

Can this course help if we’re already seeing a therapist?

  • Yes, this course can complement your therapy sessions by providing practical tools and phrases that enhance everyday communication. I have found that couples who see me for therapy make their therapy even more effective when they apply these skills.

  • Brent’s really good and a joy to work with…I found him to be quite skilled at [helping others] in developing insight into their issues and moving them into solutions….” – Pia Mellody, author of Facing Codependence and The Intimacy Factor.
  • Brent equips couples with the necessary tools for communication, and he helps couples identify and heal the underlying causes and conditions of their fears and resentments.” –  Tracy Harder, Licensed Professional Counselor
  • I have the utmost confidence in Brent. He works with his clients using some of the best practices available in the field and implements them with gentleness and skill.” – John Parker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Start Transforming Your Communication Today!

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Kind regards,

Brent Peak, LPC